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Nothing, but forever

Nothing, Forever is a show that is generated by AI and broadcast 24 hours a day on Twitch. The first season of the show was loosely based on the classic sitcom Seinfeld, but with its own distinct twists and turns. Season two is a distinct sitcom with unique characters which is not based on any specific show.

Season 1[]


The apartment the gang lives in.

The first season was loosely parodying the show Seinfeld. It took place in the town of Schnitzelville, formerly known as New York City. The cast of characters included Larry Feinberg, who was the equivalent of Jerry in Seinfeld, Fred Kastopolous as the equivalent of George, Yvonne Torres as the Elaine analogue, and Zoltan Kakler as the Kramer stand-in.

Portal welcome dark

Larry doing stand-up at the Comedy Club

Episodes end with Larry doing stand-up at the Comedy Club, often beginning his set by saying "Hey Everyone!" to the audience followed by either one-liners, an anecdote or an attempt at crowd work. The audience can give a mixed reaction either loving his material or he will absolutely bomb. On rare occasion Larry won't show up and the episode abruptly ends after showing the empty stage for a few seconds.

Season 2[]

Following a 14 day suspension from Twitch, due to offensive comments Larry made during a standup routine, the show returned to the air with a completely new cast of characters and locations not based on any specific show.


The season 2 cast sitting around the table at Marty's Diner

The second season of the show takes place in Los Angeles. The cast consists of Leo Borges, a blogger, and his friends, Kelly Coffee, Manfred Fredman and Nick Sterling. Scenes take place in Leo and Nick's apartments, as well as in Marty's Diner. Other scenes center around Leo sitting at his computer and writing a new post for his blog.

Overall, Nothing, Forever is an incredibly unique, fascinating, and often hilarious show featuring eccentric characters and strange occurrences that will keep you on the edge of your seat.